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Marketing materials

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Pencils and paint brushes

About me

From the very beginning I wanted to do something with colours.

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    Annika Eleonoora Viitanen

    Born 1991

    Grabbed crayons first time at age of two.

    I started art school at the age of four and continued my studies there until my late teenage years. Learned to do digital painting with Microsoft Paint first and some years later I got my first Photoshop at the age 12 and since then I've been "Photoshopping".

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    Graduated in 2010

    from vocational college, layout designing as major.

    After graduation I worked various visual producer positions in printing media and digital media.

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    Spark for front-end coding

    I first started doing website designs as a hobby first on my late teens and learned basics of HTML and CSS coding. Later that drove me to study data processing to University of Applied Sciences.

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    Graduated in 2016

    from UAS as Bachelor of Business Administration, major on Information Techology.

    After graduation I've been working professionally in the field of layout design. My goal for the future is to be a diverse marketing professional whose major focus is on digital marketing.